Whistler’s Cannabis Revolution is Here


Whistler’s Cannabis Revolution is Here

A New Era Dawns: Whistler's Cannabis Retail Shops Bring Legalized Excitement

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Whistler, a renowned tourist destination nestled in the picturesque mountains of British Columbia, is on the verge of welcoming its first cannabis retail shops. The Mayor and council of Whistler will convene on June 20 to deliberate and potentially approve Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) for four cannabis retail establishments. This article explores the significance of this milestone and sheds light on the individual applicants seeking to introduce cannabis retail to Whistler.

Overview of Whistler’s Cannabis Retail Situation

Whistler has been eagerly anticipating the establishment of cannabis retail shops ever since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. However, the road to approving these retail stores has been a lengthy one. The upcoming council meeting marks a turning point for the Whistler community, as it finally has the opportunity to welcome legal cannabis retail.

The Importance of Temporary Use Permits (TUPs)

Temporary Use Permits play a crucial role in the introduction of cannabis retail in Whistler. These permits allow businesses to operate for a specific duration and comply with regulations set by the Local Cannabis Retail Board (LCRB). The TUPs under consideration will enable four applicants to showcase their cannabis products and services to the residents and visitors of Whistler.

This is Cannabis: A New Cannabis Retail Shop in Whistler Village

One of the applicants seeking approval is This is Cannabis, located at 201 A&B, 4293 Mountain Square in Whistler Village. This prospective cannabis retail shop aims to provide a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products to consumers. With a focus on education and customer service, This is Cannabis hopes to cater to the diverse needs of both locals and tourists alike.

Main Street THC Canada Ltd: Bringing Cannabis to Main Street

Main Street THC Canada Ltd is another applicant eagerly waiting for council approval. Situated at 115, 4368 Main Street, this cannabis retail shop aims to become a cornerstone of the local cannabis community. By offering a carefully curated selection of cannabis products and fostering a welcoming atmosphere, Main Street THC Canada Ltd aims to provide a unique and personalized retail experience.

Spiritleaf Whistler: Cannabis Shopping in Creekside

Located at 103, 2011 Innsbruck Drive in Creekside, Spiritleaf Whistler seeks to bring its established brand and expertise to the Whistler community. Spiritleaf’s commitment to education, responsible cannabis consumption, and community engagement sets them apart. With a well-rounded product offering and a focus on customer satisfaction, Spiritleaf Whistler aims to cater to the needs of all cannabis enthusiasts.

A Little Bud: Function Junction’s Cannabis Retail Offering

Function Junction will potentially house A Little Bud, located at 1, 1050 Millar Creek Road. This applicant envisions creating a warm and inviting space where customers can explore various cannabis products. A Little Bud aims to educate and empower consumers to make informed decisions while providing a comfortable environment for cannabis enthusiasts to gather and share their experiences.

The Significance of Council Approval and Licensing

Council approval of the Temporary Use Permits represents a significant step in the process of establishing cannabis retail shops in Whistler. Following the council’s decision, the applicants will proceed to apply for cannabis retail licenses from the LCRB. These licenses ensure that businesses adhere to strict regulations and operate responsibly, promoting public safety and consumer protection.

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Good Neighbour Agreements: Ensuring Harmonious Coexistence

As part of the approval process, Good Neighbour Agreements are being finalized for each cannabis retail shop. These agreements foster positive relationships between cannabis businesses and their neighboring establishments. They outline measures to mitigate potential concerns such as noise, security, and other factors that may impact the local community.

The Potential Impact of Cannabis Retail on the Resort

The introduction of cannabis retail shops has the potential to impact Whistler in various ways. It can enhance tourism by attracting cannabis enthusiasts seeking legal and regulated access to cannabis products. Additionally, it can contribute to the local economy through job creation and increased tourism spending, further solidifying Whistler’s position as a premier destination.

Community Concerns and Objections

As with any significant change, the introduction of cannabis retail has raised concerns within the Whistler community. Some individuals worry about the potential increase in drug-related issues and the impact on the resort’s family-friendly image. However, proponents argue that stringent regulations and responsible business practices will mitigate these concerns, creating a positive and controlled environment.

The Decision Not to Endorse Additional Cannabis Retail Applications

Alongside the consideration of the four applicants, the council will deliberate on not endorsing an additional four cannabis retail applications in the resort. This decision signifies the importance of balancing the introduction of cannabis retail with the community’s well-being and maintaining a controlled rollout of such establishments.


Whistler’s journey towards welcoming cannabis retail is nearing its culmination. The council’s upcoming meeting holds immense significance for the applicants, the community, and the resort as a whole. The potential approval of Temporary Use Permits will mark a new chapter in Whistler’s history, embracing the changing landscape of cannabis legalization while prioritizing the well-being and interests of the community.


1. Will the approved cannabis retail shops be able to sell edibles and other cannabis-infused products? Yes, once the cannabis retail licenses are granted, the approved shops will be able to sell a variety of cannabis products, including edibles, concentrates, and topicals, in accordance with the regulations set by the LCRB.

2. How will the council ensure that cannabis retail shops operate responsibly and promote public safety? Cannabis retail shops will be subject to strict regulations and monitoring by the LCRB. These regulations cover aspects such as security measures, product quality, advertising restrictions, and responsible sales practices, ensuring that public safety and consumer protection remain top priorities.

3. What are the potential economic benefits of cannabis retail for Whistler? Cannabis retail can bring several economic benefits to Whistler, including job creation, increased tourism spending, and additional revenue streams for local businesses. The introduction of legal cannabis products can attract a new demographic of tourists and cater to the needs of both locals and visitors.

4. How will the council address concerns about potential negative impacts on the community? By finalizing Good Neighbour Agreements and maintaining open lines of communication with the community, the council aims to address concerns effectively. These agreements outline measures to mitigate potential issues and ensure that cannabis retail shops operate harmoniously alongside existing establishments.

5. How can individuals stay updated on the progress of cannabis retail in Whistler? Individuals can stay informed about cannabis retail developments in Whistler by following official announcements from the Whistler Municipal Government and attending public meetings or information sessions organized by the council. Regular updates will be provided to keep the community informed and engaged.