Diamonds Are a Stoner’s Best Friend: RIFF’s New Collection Unleashed!


Diamonds Are a Stoner’s Best Friend: RIFF’s New Collection Unleashed!

Elevate Your Cannabis Experience with RIFF's Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls and Blunts

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The New Hand-Crafted RIFF Diamond Infused Pre-rolls and Blunts Are Now Available in Ontario

In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the cannabis experience, Tilray Brands, Inc., a prominent global cannabis and consumer packaged goods company, is proud to present its latest innovation – the ‘Diamonds Collection’ by RIFF, its premium cannabis lifestyle brand. This collection introduces a new dimension to the world of cannabis consumption, featuring the all-new Diamond Infused Pre-rolls and Blunts. With strains like Melonaide and Purple Punch OG in the Pre-rolls category, and the ’26 Delta Diamond Infused Blunts with the infusion of Blue CKS and Blueberry Kush strains, RIFF is taking consumers on an unparalleled journey of potency and flavor.

A Cut Above: The Diamonds Collection

Tilray’s Debut of the ‘Diamonds Collection’

Tilray Brands, Inc., recognized worldwide for its prowess in the cannabis industry, unveils the ‘Diamonds Collection’ through its premium brand, RIFF. This collection includes the revolutionary Diamond Infused Pre-rolls and Blunts, meticulously hand-crafted to elevate the cannabis experience to new heights. Enriched with THCA diamonds and premium full spectrum resin, this collection promises an ultra-potent encounter like never before.

RIFF’s Diamond-Infused Pre-rolls

Crafting Excellence with Every Puff

The highlight of the Diamonds Collection is undoubtedly RIFF’s Diamond-Infused Pre-rolls. These pre-rolls, available in two captivating craft flower options – Melonaide and Purple Punch OG, offer a sensory journey like no other. Infused with THCA diamonds and enveloped in full-spectrum resin, these pre-rolls guarantee an exceptional encounter for cannabis enthusiasts.

Melonaide: A Refreshing Twist

Bringing together the refreshing essence of sour citrus, melon, and spice, Melonaide stands out for its Watermelon Zkittles and Lemon Tree genetics. The tantalizing aromas and flavors make Melonaide an invigorating choice for those seeking a unique and satisfying experience.

Purple Punch OG: Unveiling Sweetness

Purple Punch OG delights the senses with its sweet berry and citrus notes, a testament to its Banana OG and Purple Punch genetics. Following the footsteps of its renowned Subway Scientist predecessor, Purple Punch OG infused pre-rolls are poised to captivate cannabis connoisseurs with its rich heritage and flavor profile.

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RIFF’s ’26 Delta Diamond-Infused Blunts

Unveiling the Ultimate Blunt Experience

The ’26 Delta Diamond-Infused Blunts by RIFF redefine indulgence. A blend of Blue CKS and Blueberry Kush strains, these blunts promise an exceptional terpene profile infused with pure THCA diamonds and full spectrum resin. Wrapped in a flavorful hemp blunt wrap, this offering ensures a uniquely smooth and delightful consumption adventure.

Expanding Horizons: What’s Next?

A Glimpse into the Future

RIFF’s Diamonds Collection is just the beginning. With a commitment to continuous innovation, RIFF has plans to further enrich this collection with new and exciting products. While the infused pre-rolls and blunts are making waves exclusively in select Ontario regions and retailers, there’s a promise of more to come, making the cannabis experience an ever-evolving journey.

About RIFF: A Celebration of Creativity

Nurturing Creativity and Connection

RIFF’s inception is rooted in the celebration of collaboration and creativity. Not only does RIFF provide quality cannabis products, but it also champions the spirit of exploration and artistic expression. With a dedication to local events and artist showcases, RIFF encapsulates the essence of the creative lifestyle, encouraging its community to embrace endless reinvention.

Tilray Brands: Pioneering a New Era

Empowering Mind, Body, and Soul

Tilray Brands, Inc., stands as a global pioneer in cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods. With a mission to enhance lives by catering to holistic wellbeing, Tilray offers an array of high-quality products that cater to the diverse needs of its consumers. Through its extensive production platform, Tilray supports over 20 brands across various countries, spanning cannabis offerings, hemp-based foods, and alcoholic beverages.


The launch of RIFF’s Diamonds Collection marks a pivotal moment in the cannabis industry. The infusion of THCA diamonds and premium full spectrum resin in the Diamond Infused Pre-rolls and Blunts opens the door to an entirely new level of potency and flavor. RIFF’s commitment to innovation and creative exploration shines through, promising an ever-evolving journey for cannabis enthusiasts. As the cannabis landscape continues to transform, RIFF stands at the forefront, inviting individuals to experience cannabis in ways they never thought possible.


1. Are the Diamond Infused Pre-rolls and Blunts available worldwide? Currently, these products are exclusively available in select regions and retailers across Ontario. However, RIFF has plans to expand its reach in the future.

2. What sets RIFF’s Diamonds Collection apart from other cannabis products? The use of THCA diamonds and premium full spectrum resin sets the Diamonds Collection apart, promising a highly potent and flavorful experience.

3. Can you elaborate on the terpene-rich strains in the collection? RIFF’s Diamond-Infused Pre-rolls offer two strains – Melonaide, with refreshing citrus and melon notes, and Purple Punch OG, known for its sweet berry and citrus flavors.

4. How can I stay updated on RIFF’s future product releases? For the latest updates on RIFF’s products and offerings, visit their official website at and follow them on social media @whatisriff.

5. What is the vision behind Tilray Brands, Inc.? Tilray Brands, Inc., aims to enhance the lives of individuals by providing products that cater to their overall wellbeing, encompassing mind, body, and soul. Through its diversified portfolio, the company seeks to inspire and empower a global community.