New Level Of Relaxation: WholeHemp’s Cherry Blossom CBD


New Level Of Relaxation: WholeHemp’s Cherry Blossom CBD

Discover the Benefits of Sun-Grown Cherry Blossom Craft CBD Flower by WholeHemp

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If you’re looking for a new way to relax or improve your wellness routine, you’ll be excited to know that WholeHemp, the Ontario-based cannabis brand, is launching its latest product, the Cherry Blossom Craft CBD Flower. This sun-grown product is a high CBD cross of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom, creating bold berry flavours with hints of light floral notes. As a thoughtfully produced product, the Cherry Blossom Craft CBD Flower is grown exclusively outdoors in Ontario by ABIDE, WholeHemp’s parent company and certified outdoor hemp cultivator. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing sun-grown cannabis, the advantages of the Cherry Blossom Craft CBD Flower, and the advantages of buying from WholeHemp.

Benefits of Sun-Grown Cannabis

President and Founder of WholeHemp and ABIDE, David Marcus, highlights that sun-grown cannabis is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way to grow cannabis. Indoor cultivation requires vast amounts of energy to run the High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights, heating and cooling, and dehumidification to create an artificial environment that mimics the natural conditions necessary for the plant to thrive. In contrast, growing cannabis outdoors under the sun requires none of these inputs. In fact, rather than having a significant carbon footprint grown outdoors, cannabis sequesters carbon.

Moreover, outdoor sun-grown cannabis is an organic crop that requires neither pesticides nor herbicides and is an ideal crop for regenerative farming practices. With a regenerative approach to growing cannabis, not only does the cannabis prosper, but so too can the soil and surrounding ecosystems, which in turn support healthier plants and environs.

Better Flavour and Aroma with more Complex Cannabinoids

The sensory qualities of outdoor-grown cannabis are more intense and intricate compared to those grown indoors. The Cherry Blossom Craft CBD Flower by WholeHemp is characterized by bold berry and floral notes because outdoor-grown plants are exposed to a broader range of natural environmental factors that can influence the plant’s growth and development, such as full spectrum sunlight, temperature fluctuations, wind, and soil composition.

Studies have shown that cannabis cultivated in natural environments generally has a higher proportion of intrinsic cannabinoids (particularly CBD, CBC, and CBG) when compared to those of the same strains grown indoors. Moreover, indoor-grown cannabis typically has increased levels of oxidized and degraded cannabinoids.

More Affordable

One of the most significant economic advantages of growing cannabis outdoors is that it is less costly. Since outdoor cultivation relies on the sun and the natural environment instead of artificial lighting, it can be grown more cost-effectively and on a larger scale, leading to lower consumer prices. WholeHemp is proud to offer premium quality products, including the Cherry Blossom Craft CBD Flower, for a more affordable price compared to indoor-grown cannabis products.

Advantages of WholeHemp

WholeHemp is a champion of outdoor cannabis and hemp cultivation, working exclusively with outdoor cannabis growers to bring the best quality CBD to consumers. ABIDE, its parent company and certified outdoor hemp cultivator, is one of the few exclusively outdoor cultivators in Ontario. This ensures that WholeHemp’s products are thoughtfully produced and of the highest quality. By choosing WholeHemp, you’re not only getting a premium product, but you’re also supporting a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and ethical approach to cannabis production.

Original Article: Calgary Herald