Incredible Breakthrough: Circle K’s Trailblazing Cannabis Pact


Incredible Breakthrough: Circle K’s Trailblazing Cannabis Pact

Green Thumb CEO's Optimism Soars as Circle K Cannabis Deal Nears Florida Approval

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The CEO of Green Thumb Industries, Ben Kovler, expressed his optimism about the approval of a groundbreaking deal between his company and Circle K to open medical cannabis dispensaries alongside Circle K gas stations throughout Florida. The partnership between the marijuana multistate operator (MMO) and the popular convenience store chain aims to provide patients with easy access to both cannabis products and other convenience store items.


The collaboration between Green Thumb Industries (GTI) and Circle K has gained significant attention and regulatory scrutiny since its announcement in October. The innovative concept of combining medical cannabis dispensaries with gas stations has the potential to revolutionize retail channels in the industry. However, the deal has faced challenges in obtaining regulatory approval from Florida’s health department, the state’s medical cannabis regulator.

The Partnership between Green Thumb Industries and Circle K

Under the agreement, MMJ patients in Florida would have the opportunity to purchase cannabis products from Rise dispensaries located adjacent to Circle K convenience stores. This unique partnership offers a comprehensive shopping experience, allowing patients to fulfill their medical needs while also enjoying the convenience of snacks and gasoline at Circle K outlets. By leveraging the existing infrastructure of Circle K locations, GTI aims to expand its retail presence and enhance accessibility for medical cannabis patients.

Initial Announcement and Regulatory Scrutiny

When the partnership between GTI and Circle K was initially announced, it attracted national attention due to its innovative nature. However, it became apparent that Florida’s health department had not yet given its approval to the deal. The regulatory authorities’ position remained unchanged even after eight months, causing uncertainty around the partnership’s viability.

Litigation and Regulatory Approval

In April, it was confirmed that the GTI-Circle K deal was in litigation. While the specifics of the litigation were not disclosed, it highlighted the challenges faced by the companies in obtaining regulatory approval. GTI addressed concerns about the deal’s viability by stating that the opening of Rise Express stores, like all Rise dispensaries in Florida, is subject to regulatory approval.

CEO’s Optimism and Plans

Despite the setbacks and ongoing litigation, GTI’s CEO, Ben Kovler, remains optimistic about the partnership’s future. In a recent interview, he stated that the company is planning for the deal to proceed and is actively working to overcome any obstacles. Kovler’s positive outlook reflects GTI’s determination to push forward with the plans and bring this innovative concept to fruition.

Current Status and Lack of Response

At present, there have been no official updates from Florida regulators or GTI regarding the litigation or any ongoing developments. GTI currently operates ten Rise dispensaries in Florida, according to information available on the company’s website. These existing dispensaries serve as a foundation for GTI’s expansion plans, which include the rollout of approximately ten additional stores across the state.

Variance Request and Florida Rules

To implement the partnership, MMJ dispensary operators would need to submit a variance request to Florida regulators, as per the state’s rules. Legal experts specializing in the state’s regulations have confirmed this requirement. The variance request process ensures compliance with Florida’s strict guidelines and serves as a crucial step in obtaining regulatory approval for the Rise Express stores.

Circle K’s Presence and Parent Company

Circle K, headquartered in Laval, Quebec, boasts a significant presence in Florida, with over 600 stores throughout the state. Circle K’s parent company, Alimentation Couche-Tard, based in Canada, has been silent regarding inquiries related to the GTI partnership. Nevertheless, Alimentation Couche-Tard has previously entered similar agreements in Canada, allowing for co-location of commercial and medical cannabis retailers at Circle K locations.

Green Thumb Industries’ Trading Information

Shares of Green Thumb Industries trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol GTII, while on U.S. over-the-counter markets, they can be found under the ticker symbol GTBIF. This information is relevant for investors and those interested in the company’s stock performance.


Despite the initial regulatory challenges and ongoing litigation, Green Thumb Industries remains hopeful that Florida regulators will approve their landmark deal with Circle K. This partnership has the potential to redefine the retail landscape of the medical cannabis industry by combining convenience store services with medical cannabis dispensaries. GTI’s CEO, Ben Kovler, expresses confidence in the deal’s success and the company’s commitment to making it a reality.


  1. What is the partnership between Green Thumb Industries and Circle K?
    • The partnership aims to open medical cannabis dispensaries adjacent to Circle K gas stations in Florida, providing MMJ patients with convenience and accessibility.
  2. Why has the deal faced regulatory scrutiny?
    • The deal has faced regulatory scrutiny due to the strict guidelines and approval processes set by Florida’s health department, the state’s medical cannabis regulator.
  3. What is the current status of the deal?
    • There have been no recent updates regarding the litigation or ongoing developments. However, GTI remains committed to the partnership’s success.
  4. How many Rise dispensaries does GTI currently operate in Florida?
    • GTI currently operates ten Rise dispensaries in Florida, with plans to expand further.
  5. What are the stock listings for Green Thumb Industries?
    • Green Thumb Industries’ shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange as GTII and on U.S. over-the-counter markets as GTBIF.