IM Cannabis Embraces Israel’s New Medical Cannabis Rules


IM Cannabis Embraces Israel’s New Medical Cannabis Rules

Transforming Access: IM Cannabis Celebrates Israel's Progressive Medical Cannabis Reforms

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In a significant move, IM Cannabis (CSE:IMCC) welcomes the recent medical cannabis reforms introduced by the Israeli Ministry of Health. This reform marks a pivotal moment in the medical cannabis sector, aiming to enhance patient access, streamline regulations, and foster the growth of the industry.

Israeli Ministry of Health’s New Medical Cannabis Reforms

The Israeli Ministry of Health, recognizing the need for change, has unveiled a series of medical cannabis regulatory reforms. These reforms are set to alleviate the heavy burden of regulations that have traditionally encumbered the sector. By doing so, the Israeli government is taking steps to make medical cannabis more accessible to patients while also creating an environment conducive to expanding exports.

Removal of Heavy Regulations

One of the primary thrusts of these reforms is the removal of cumbersome regulations that have stifled the medical cannabis industry’s progress. This move is anticipated to create a more favorable ecosystem for patients, practitioners, and businesses alike. By reducing bureaucratic hurdles, the Israeli Ministry of Health aims to facilitate a smoother journey for those seeking medical cannabis treatments.

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Increased Accessibility for Patients

Central to these reforms is the emphasis on enhancing patient access to medical cannabis. Under the previous system, patients often had to navigate a labyrinthine process to obtain licenses for medical cannabis usage. However, the reforms signal a transformative shift. Starting December 29, individuals grappling with an array of medical conditions will no longer require licenses. Instead, a prescription-based system akin to that of traditional medications will be implemented. This change is poised to simplify the path for patients in need.

Boosting Export Opportunities

The reforms extend beyond domestic implications, as they also focus on expanding export capabilities. The streamlined regulations are expected to pave the way for the export of Israeli-grown cannabis to international markets. A notable aspect of this process is the simplified export procedure, which is poised to have a positive impact on the cannabis industry’s global footprint. Furthermore, the reforms position Israeli cannabis producers to obtain the coveted EU-GMP (European Union Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, which is vital for accessing the European market.

Changes in Patient Access to Medical Cannabis

The cornerstone of the reform lies in transforming the way patients access medical cannabis treatment. The two key changes are:

Removal of License Requirement

Historically, patients in Israel seeking medical cannabis had to navigate a rigorous application process to secure licenses. This arduous process not only deterred patients but also posed challenges to medical practitioners. However, the new regulations dismantle this barrier by eliminating the requirement for licenses.

Prescription-Based System

From December 29 onwards, patients will be able to receive medical cannabis through a prescription-based system. This approach aligns medical cannabis more closely with conventional medical practices, where prescriptions are standard for medication. This shift is anticipated to simplify the process for patients and doctors, fostering a more patient-centric approach to treatment.

Simplified Export Process and EU-GMP Certification

The ripple effects of these reforms extend beyond the domestic market. With streamlined regulations in place, the export of Israeli-produced cannabis is poised to become more feasible. This is significant, given the growing demand for medical cannabis internationally. Moreover, the reforms pave the way for producers to secure EU-GMP certification. This certification is not only a testament to product quality but also a prerequisite for entering the competitive European market.

Impact on IM Cannabis and the Medical Cannabis Market

The visionary behind IM Cannabis Corp., CEO Oren Shuster, lauds the reforms for their potential to reshape the medical cannabis landscape in Israel. Shuster points out two crucial aspects that align with IM Cannabis Corp.’s strategy:

CEO’s Perspective on Reforms

Shuster highlights the shift from licenses to prescriptions as a game-changer. This transition is anticipated to catalyze a surge in patient numbers, reflecting a more inclusive approach to medical cannabis treatment. Additionally, the ability to separate the post-harvest process from cultivation could facilitate EU-GMP certification. This development holds profound implications, particularly for exporting to Germany, a pivotal player in the European medical cannabis market.

IM Cannabis Corp.: A Brief Overview

IM Cannabis Corp. stands as a prominent international cannabis company, specializing in supplying high-quality cannabis products to medical patients in both Israel and Germany. Leveraging its expertise and understanding of the evolving cannabis landscape, IM Cannabis Corp. is positioned to harness the opportunities presented by these reforms and provide patients with top-tier products.

Market Impact: IM Cannabis Corp.’s Share Price

The market has already begun to respond to these reforms. IM Cannabis Corp.’s share price saw an opening at C$1.17 per share. This suggests that the industry and investors alike view these reforms as a positive step towards growth and increased market demand.

Source: Trading View – August 11th, 2023


The Israeli Ministry of Health’s decisive medical cannabis reforms mark a new era for patients, practitioners, and businesses operating in the medical cannabis sector. The removal of heavy regulations, the adoption of a prescription-based system, and the potential for expanded export opportunities signal a progressive shift that aligns with global trends in medical cannabis acceptance. IM Cannabis Corp., a key player in the market, stands ready to embrace and contribute to this transformative journey.


  1. What were the previous regulations for medical cannabis in Israel? The previous regulations mandated patients to obtain licenses for medical cannabis usage. This process was complex and deterred many individuals from seeking treatment.
  2. How will the prescription-based system work? Starting December 29, patients will receive medical cannabis through prescriptions, similar to conventional medications. This simplifies access and aligns with established medical practices.
  3. What is EU-GMP certification? EU-GMP certification is a quality assurance standard that ensures pharmaceutical products, including medical cannabis, meet stringent quality requirements for entry into the European market.
  4. How does IM Cannabis Corp. operate in Germany? IM Cannabis Corp. provides premium cannabis products to medical patients in Germany, leveraging its expertise and partnerships to navigate the evolving German cannabis market.
  5. How might these reforms affect the global medical cannabis industry? These reforms could set a precedent for other nations, encouraging a shift towards patient-centric approaches and streamlined regulations, potentially fostering global industry growth.